Welcome to the NESI Community site!  We’ve undergone some changes due to spam and traffic issues.  The new site is designed to work as the central location for information regarding the NESI board, the Embedded Systems board, and general NASA HUNCH support.


You’ll notice that the forum system has been removed.  Even though the presence of a forum allowed for open communication between users, we’ve found that running a forum allowed for spam and unwanted posts to appear throughout the site.  All of the information that was once available in the forum, is now available in the “NESI Board” section of this site, and simply is presented in a different format.  Any information that could once be accessed through the previous NESI forum or the NESI wiki by Texas A&M university, can now be accessed here.

To get support or to ask questions about the NESI board, we’ve implemented a help ticket system that allows our support staff to systematically answer questions and provide NESI board support to all of its users.  To open a help ticket, simply click on the “Help” tab and open a support ticket that way.

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